Below are some of the resources that The Florida CyberHub provides to the community. The Florida CyberHub also offers customized technical and training solutions. For more information please contact us to explore how we can work together.

Welcome to Florida's Cyber Range, a virtual city that is home to a public library, elementary school, electrical plant, manufacturing company, city hall, and single-family residence. Florida's Cyber Range simulates an actual city in every relevant way, including having its own e-mail server, management network, and Internet provider. Constructed using advanced cloud technology, Cyber Florida's Cyber Range houses the systems and networks typical of a modern information ecosystem in a protected location that allows students to learn and test new skills by responding to real-world attack scenarios in a safe virtual environment. Through capture-the-flag missions as well as simulated force-on-force attacks, students will learn to defend high-value targets such as power grids and corporations against cyber-attacks. The flexibility of the virtual environment also enables instructors to create customized environments and scenarios to teach specific attack and defense techniques.

The CyberHub Community Forum is a collaborative environment for sharing ideas and information among the cybersecurity community. In this rapidly evolving field, information sharing to eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency is critical. From curricula to job postings, the CyberHub Community Forum provides an open, user-driven platform for students, instructors, and industry professionals to share tools, best practices, and technologies.

Leveraging the scalability and efficiency of cloud computing, the CyberHub’s Desktop-as-a-Service allows users to remotely access the software applications needed for instructional and research use. Resources are housed and managed by the CyberHub, eliminating the need for end-users to purchase and set up specialized equipment. Desktop-as-a-Service supplies students and faculty with a Windows desktop preloaded with the tools and files needed for cybersecurity instruction and training; simply log in and start working.

The CyberHub Course Catalog hosts a collection of education resources available for use by instructors at all levels of education, from grade school to college and continuing professional development. Resources such as syllabi, lesson plans, presentation slides, homework assignments and exams are available as shared community assets for Florida educators.

The CyberHub Secure Sandbox provides a secure-yet-flexible laboratory environment for cybersecurity education, training exercises, and software testing. The Secure Sandbox is a stand-alone environment, not connected to the Internet, providing a protected network for testing applications, websites, and other virtualized environments. In addition to testing new concepts, students and faculty can use the sandbox to perform research and training on different types of known malicious files and software without exposing other devices or compromising other systems.

The Capture-the-Flag platform provides a host of realistic scenarios for defending and attacking cyberinfrastructure, giving students, faculty and industry practitioners hands-on experience with real-world threats. Pre-built “flag” objectives cover the spectrum of cybersecurity, from python scripting and web application hijacking to penetrating a SCADA network, reverse engineering and database hacking, supporting a range of learning objectives. The CTF environment measures students’ technical skills and prepares them to become better cyber defenders.